Wednesday, January 20, 2010

52 Project

You might have heard about A Photo Every Day 365 projects? There are quite a few out there and this is just one link and you'll find many more if you start searching...

Well I am inspired... but find it a little daunting to keep posting each day for a whole year, so I have decided to do my own version A Photo Every Week 52 project :) (a little late in starting) but here is the link to 52 PIC UP enjoy :)

(image from 52 PIC UP)

Monday, January 4, 2010

free January wallpapers

This month I can't decide between these two beautiful blue wallpapers for January...  I might just have to use them both !

here by Aimee Elizabeth McEwen @

here by Julia Rothman @

( images from & )

can't decide on goals for 2010?

If you need a little help for an inspirational to do list for 2010 then click here for Monina Velarde's New Year's Resolution Generator and get motivated... below are just a few things I'm hoping to achieve this year :)

(images from
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